Why are your scents so expensive? 

Using quality essential oils, absolutes and attars gets to be quite expensive. In most cases we use primarily natural essential oils or absolutes which are much more expensive than synthetics. However, the quality is really unmatched in terms of the materials used with department store fragrances. 

Our concentrations are much higher than what's seen in typical perfumery. The result means you'll receive a better, more natural product from us that will last ages on both skin and especially on darker clothing (we don't recommend spraying on light colors...trust us.)

Madhat has a great source of high quality atomizers at decent prices. But, we try to keep the overall cost of bottles, designs and marketing concepts down and put those dollars into quality materials for our fragrances.

Where can I obtain samples?

Samples are available through Surrender to Chance here.

Is there a reason some fragrances cost more than others?

Yes, there is a rhyme and reason for differing prices. Not all of our fragrances are the same, nor do they include all of the same raw materials. Some raw materials are extremely costly and bump the prices of the fragrance up.

Where is Madhad Scents based out of? 

Currently, we're a small one man outfit in the Chicago Suburbs.

What is the cost of shipping within the Contiguous US? 

Shipping is currently $5.99 flat-rate within the contiguous United States.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Unfortunately, due to shipping restrictions we are unable to ship fragrances outside the United States at this time. If you have friends or family within the U.S. with a domestic address, we would be more than happy to ship to their address. We can ship to Canada upon request. If you do request Canadian shipment, we will provide you with a shipping quote. Additionally, Canadian orders will not be ensured arrival due to potential customs issues. Samples can be obtained through Surrender to Chance, which does ship internationally.

Do you take returns?

Unfortunately, we do not take returns. If you do not like the fragrance you've received, chances are it would make a great gift for someone else.

If your items comes in a box that looks battered please refuse the shipment and we will refund your order via PayPal once the shipment gets back to me.

If the scent is somehow broken inside the box that it arrived in please send me a dated picture and I'll be glad to send another fragrance (if in-stock) or refund you via PayPal.

Can I make a recommendation on what to make next?

Of course, we're open to questions and comments. And it's nice to know what our customers want.

The perfume I wanted is sold out, will it be available again?

There's no telling honestly. All of our fragrances are limited run, meaning batches are small and we'd like to release new fragrances often. If there is a popular fragrance, we may choose to construct something similar, but not exactly the same. It keeps Madhat Scents on the creative edge!

What's floating in my bottle?

It depends....While letting blends macerate we'll sometimes throw in whole frankincense tears or other resins such as pinon or African copal.

Also, naturally occurring essential oils and absolutes sometimes contain particles which aren't completely soluble. While bottling, we try to keep these little critters out, but sometimes that's not entirely possible. The little particles won't hurt anything or clog your atomizer, think of them as a part of a fragrant lava lamp!

I have skin allergies, are your fragrances ok to wear?

*Disclaimer: Please note, it is not recommended to wear fragrances if you have skin allergies. Use at your own risk. We do try to use synthetics where necessary, however, many of my scents are highly natural. If you do choose to wear a fragrance knowing you have allergies, it is smart to test using very light application, typically a pin-sized dab before giving a full wear.