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Brineapple Extrait de Parfum - 15ml

Inspired by a recent trip to the island of Kauai...salty sea air wrapping around cliffs, Kālua smoldering in the distance, dense woods and green vegetation are how I will always remember the island. The pineapple and guava served with most every meal was always so fresh, juicy and aromatic. With Brineapple I wanted to capture the island of Kauai as a whole, from the flowers and fruit to brine and ozone with whiffs of ash coming off the Kālua.

Note Profile: Pineapple, Ylang Ylang, Guava, Marine Notes, Cade, Green Tea, Guaiacwood, Cedar Wood, Ozone.

*Disclaimer: Please note, it is not recommended to wear fragrances if you have skin allergies. Use at your own risk.