• Image of L.O.M. Leather/Oud/Musk Extrait de Parfum - 15ml/2.5ml

L.O.M. Leather Oud Musk Extrait de Parfum 15ml / 2.5ml

L.O.M. is a combination of two entirely different fragrances. One is a previously released fragrance in MadHat Oudhy, which was a musk driven oud fragrance and the other is a leather fragrance that I have been working on for some time. This combination of Leather, Oud and Musk is powerful. The additional notes of incense, copal, strawberry, tobacco, beeswax and amber aim to tame the powerhouse notes of musk and oud.

I do NOT recommend spraying on clothing due to the nature of this fragrance. I would recommend applying to the back of the hand or wrist and dabbing the hand or wrist on the neck's pulse points and gently rubbing together until dry.

Note Profile: Leather, Oud, Musk, African Black Copal, Amber, Strawberry, Tobacco, Beeswax & Arabian Frankincense

*Disclaimer: Please note, it is not recommended to wear fragrances if you have skin allergies. Use at your own risk. This fragrance contains tree saps, resins from trees and beeswax. Do NOT use if you have allergies to any of these items or skin sensitivity in general.