• Image of Foliage Extrait 3ml & 15ml

Foliage Extrait de Parfum 30% Extrait de Parfum

Fall days are short and cherished in the Midwest. Warm weather ushers in cooler temperatures as the days begin to shorten and leaves begin to change color and drop from barren branches. Fall sunsets blaze fiery rays of orange and pink ushering in a fall harvest moon that casts muted beams of rarely seen colors of yellow and orange onto the cold frosted earth. Winter approaches as fall comes to a close.

Note Profile: Orange, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Haitian Vetiver, Birch Tar, Cade, Incense, Sandalwood, Gaiacwood, Cedar and Labdanum.

***Contains materials from trees and citrus (orange/grapefruit) do not wear this fragrance if you have fragrance or skin allergies.***

*Disclaimer: Please note, it is not recommended to wear fragrances if you have skin allergies. Use at your own risk. This fragrance contains tree saps and resins from real trees and flowers. Do NOT use if you have allergies to any of these items or skin sensitivity in general. It is not recommended to wear fragrances if you are pregnant or nursing.

Do not spray on light colored clothing as this fragrance will stain.