Oud Gulab - 15ml

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Image of Oud Gulab - 15ml

Oud Gulab - 15ml - 98% Natural

A rose fragrance that leaves the pink hues, jam and candy at home. I know this one is expensive but I was able to source Ruh Gulab from Kannauj and Aligarh, India. Ruh Gulab is incredibly hard to come by rose distillation that is very rare and expensive. It is distilled in copper pots by the bare hands of artisans in Northern India and blended with Indian Sandalwood. There's an excellent BBC article that includes incredible photos of the process of creating Ruh Gulab here. Of course, I added more of Mysore Sandalwood on top of this. Add in taif rose and a beautiful rose-ambergris attar and the rose is beyond words. It is bright but deep, dark and sultry at the same time. Two types of Thai Oud with notes of vanilla, tonka beans, resinous mimosa, dark fruits, tobacco, and ajwa dates. The barnyard and animalics are left out of this oud. Bulgarian tobacco absolute rounds this one out. Be liberal with the amount you spray as this is 98% natural. Feel free to spray on non-white clothing for a longer experience of the fragrance.

This is my last fragrance for the foreseeable future. It will only be available in 15ml and sorry, no samples are available.

Note Profile: Ruh Gulab (Indian pot distilled roses), Taif Rose, Rose-Ambergris Attar, Thai Oud, Benzoin Absolute, Tobacco Absolute, Mysore Sandalwood.

*Disclaimer: Please note, it is not recommended to wear fragrances if you have skin allergies, are pregnant or nursing. Use at your own risk. This fragrance contains tree saps and resins from real trees and flowers. Do NOT use if you have allergies to any of these items or skin sensitivity in general. It is not recommended to wear fragrances if you are pregnant or nursing.