• Image of Palo Santo Plateau Extrait de Parfum 15ml

Palo Santo Plateau Extrait de Parfum 15ml (25% concentration)

A fragrance that smells like desert High Country in Eastern Arizona. Palo Santo and desert shrubs with several wood varietals. Palo Santo Plateau evokes an undeniably Southwestern feel. Saddle up and this smoky woody fragrance will take you to a desolate yet homely place that's somehow both cool and warm. Juxtaposition of the desert plateau.

Palo Santo, White Pine Cone, Sage, Rabbit Bush, Frankincense Omani & Frereana, Labdanum, Texas & Atlas Cedar, Pinyon, Lime and Hinoki.

Contains materials from trees and citrus (lime) avoid wearing if you have fragrance allergies.