Madhat Scents began as a one man personal project to create scents that were not available in both niche and mainstream markets. After realizing the increasing demand for all things different, stemmed from an uprising in artisan perfume houses using high quality ingredients and increase in department store duplicates we chose to make Madhat Scents available to the general public in limited releases.

The mission: To create a unique fragrance experience for our customers while creating scents that cannot be found anywhere else. You will smell different from every person you meet, that much is guaranteed.

Batches will always be limited run as Madhat's mad scientist does fragrance construction as a hobby. Additionally, creating short-run niche fragrances keeps the creativity flowing. Allowing our customers to try a plethora of different creations.

We may choose to release similar scents in the future depending on demand. However, they will all have a different dimension. I hope you enjoy the fragrance journey we are about to embark on here at Madhat Scents.