About Us & FAQ

About Us & FAQ

Small batch, artisan extraits created with the highest quality materials available. Thank you for supporting my fragrance creation hobby and exploration into creating unique fragrances.

My fragrances are more expensive because they are at extrait strength and I use the highest quality materials available. You are not paying for a pretty bottle and marketing.


Shipping: I cannot ship overseas. Those using a proxy or shipping forwarder are assuming liability for any lost or damaged items. I ship all items via USPS Priority Mail using the address you provide at checkout. I use as much recycled boxes and packaging as I can so you may receive your MadHat order in a labeled box from another brand. It's something small I can do to make less of an environmental impact.

Samples: I don't offer samples due to batch sizes and issues I've had in shipping samples in the past. I'm seeking other options at this time. 15ml bottles are available.

Returns: I do not accept returns. There are plenty of outlets out there where you can either sell or trade fragrances. Online forums, social media, bidding websites etc. are all good options. I do understand that sometimes things happen during the shipping process like leakage and damaged bottles and I'm happy to work with you in the event of an issue.